Digital Learning

Through video games, a lot of benefits can be gained when looking at it from a child’s perspective. Everyone always thinks that video games are so bad for children and they need to get outside more, but really video games are a big learning opportunity for children of all ages to work on many life skills collaborating with others and technology to try and perform the objective of a specific game. One issue Is the notion of responsible use of online games, because we often see kids and adults not using the appropriate language toward one another on a game when our competitive nature takes over. If i’m being honest I don’t really think there is a way to implement a safe and responsible code of conduct for video games because of how they have already been developed over time. If there was tho It would’ve had to have been right when gaming started to become a big thing teaching these children how to communicate appropriately online with others rather than the vulgar language which is used in modern day gaming.

Three key tips I would suggest to parents and teachers when trying to establish healthy and safe online gaming habits Is being punished for using inappropriate language, and encouraging them to play games that actually wreak benefits rather than just killing people or racing. Collaborative games that force you to work together to achieve an ultimate goal. The last thing I would encourage adults to do when trying to establish healthy and safe online gaming habits would to be limiting the screen time so the children don’t get too caught up, because In reality It is just a game and doesn’t have to be taken that seriously. These should be played for fun and to gain knowledge through working together and engaging with others to perform given objectives.

One example I have of a game I like to play Is Fortnite. I like this game because It forces you to pull your own weight while being a part of a team trying to get the victory royale. It also gives everyone an even playing field to start and no one has any sort of advantage besides their true talent to the game and how they strategize playing it. It can be used for learning because you have to learn how to communicate and collaborate with your teammates which Is a very important life skill that I think everyone should have Instilled in them.



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