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Digital Privacy

Digital privacy is important because people often put a lot of personal information into the digital world putting a lot of faith into the security of websites and applications to protect their personal Information from leaking to the outside world. Public shaming on the digital is very apparent now a days as people are becoming more vulnerable about their true identities. An example of this is the privacy precautions taken In email addresses on apps. Every time you log in you must Include your email and you specific password that you had generated making It unique to you so people can’t just log Into your personal Informations. If you have the appropriate classifications of technology you can easily find ways to hack into people accounts access all sorts of information, especially in todays day and age.

I think that the overall effect of algorithms will have a negative impact on individuals and society. The reason I think this is because the internet and the ways to operate and the ease of the operation process will continue to get easier making hacking more accessible to any average individual with basic computer knowledge. Aneesh Aneesh at stanford foresees algorithms taking over public and private activities In the near future, and I agree with the prediction the Stanford analyst made. At the pace technology has advanced and will continue to advance, the algorithms will advance with It making the digital world a very dangerous and vulnerable place.

Something I expanded my knowledge on was the pressure that online privacy obtains to become more and more sustainable each and every day. People and companies are working to keep upgrading privacy online for all different kinds of applications to make sure the people of the public are receiving proper safety precautions. In the Internet society article It describes all the different kinds considerations that technological companies have to consider when making safety protocols for applications.

A case study I found interesting that related to this weeks topic was about how easy It is to track peoples location at all times. The tracker software installed in every new piece of technology allows people with enough education on how to handle the algorithms of the digital world. It is said that no one can figure out how to hack into these tracker devices so your location is safe, but It Is rather easy In doing so allowing random people to access your location at any time they want.



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