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Social Media Pandemic

We have all been blind sided by this covid-19 pandemic giving us many problems many of us probably thought we would never have to face in our entire lifetime. This has caused much adversity for everyone across the globe, and the most obvious concern now is the human connection while attempting to socially distance and while following the social guidelines from the CDC. The internet has Impacted so many relationships tremendously especially during this time of covid-19 because of the lack of social gathering that we were far too familiar with just last year. Now people are spending much more time Inside their households because of safety concerns leading to much more time on the Internet now coming in close competition with human connections because of these covid concerns. The Internet can now be considered as the main source of communication between people my age from what I have seen, the amount of screen time for nearly everyone that I have had close communication has sky rocketed because of covid and the lack of communication people have had recently.

With everything going on todays day and age we can use to internet to our advantage In many different ways. As we have started to see with covid in its early going in our new world, everything has started to be transferred to online the biggest of those changes would be the online classes around our country. We can serve our needs through technology by simply just changing in person activities to online even though it will be a totally different experience than it used to be. In terms of serving humanity will be a lot more difficult because of the difficulty with human contact trying to be diminished until we can fully eradicate this covid 19 disease. One example I have seen of serving our needs through technology recently is as I mentioned the online classes. It is a much different style of learning but It is necessary for the safety of the people of our country. We could’ve taken the easy way out and said it was going to be too difficult to find a way for the children of our country to get their necessary education, but instead we found a way to work around the adversity and get an efficient way to get an education to the people of our future.



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