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Digital Literacy

While reading the Rheingold article I found many things to be prevalent In todays society of technology. One thing that specifically stuck out to me was the small decisions on social media and on the digital world can have such large impact on ones life without thinking anything of it. One click, tap, swipe or anything else could dramatically change your life, and you have no idea how or when it will but It could change your point on something Introduce you to someone who without the digital world you would never meet. As it mentions In the article “Thinking about what you are doing and why you are doing it instead of going through the motions is fundamental to the definition of mindful..” This sentence is a simplified version of what I was saying earlier. You don’t think on the digital world you just do through experience, like any other thing you do over time you gather habits and those habits on the digital world could have a lot more affect on you than you may understand in that moment.

Throughout this class this semester one major aspect I took away from it and the digital world is that we can use the digital world as a positive platform instead of the negative community is defines Itself as. Im still not sure why the internet Is so hostile, but if people came to their senses and used a little but of general human decency the digital world could be used for so much more good than it already is. It has so much more potential that we are using it for and I think that’s just because of human nature In people to judge and criticize every little thing people do. The digital world really Is a cruel world.

As I continue on after this class has concluded I feel as if I can refine and expand my digital literacy and knowledge through viewing the digital world in a different perspective. Not as a visitor, but as an Influencer. Like I mentioned in the paragraph above the internet gives us so much room for inspiration and positive energy to spread to everyone in the world at our fingertips, but for some reason people choose to bring others down rather than uplift them. With this class I have learned the Importance one person can have on an entire community through positive aspirations and showing others how to strive for change, and with that I will continue to educate myself In efforts to make the digital world and the world we live In a better place.



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